لينك الحجز

و سيتم الرد من خلال البريد الالكترونى المرسل

Notre Dame Des Apotres School Shoubra

Cairo Governorate

Road El Farag Fducational Department

Notre Dame Des Apotres School Shoubra



Preparing an ethically and scientifically distinguished generation that is capable of thinking and innovation , having a creative social character , upholding the spirit of homeland belonging in the context of the National Standards of Education.


Providing learning for all children through play and building an integrated, creative personality according to the foundations of national standards.


preparing a generation that is aware of thinking , ethically and scientifically distinguished , useful to homeland and interactive with the community.

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The Kingster Curriculum

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At Notre Dame des Apotres – Choubra , we see the curriculum as something that embraces more or less everything that a studant does. You may ask why we see the curriculum that way. For many schools, the curriculum is just the academic part of what a studant studies. But that really doesn’t do justice to what an education is.